Newport, Rhode Island

While staying near Cape Cod for a couple of weeks, we took a day and drove over to Newport to explore the Cliff Walk area. It was a great place to walk/hike and enjoy the water as well as see some HUGE mansions. Some allow tours, but we didn’t go inside any of them. We loved the different types of walking paths between each mansion and the water.  I wonder if each homeowner is required to maintain their own part of the path, but I don’t know. Some of them were nice paved walks with benches, some were huge boulders easy to walk on, and then some required more careful climbing and rock scrambling.  It was a very fun day, and we were very tired by the end.


After several hours at the Cliff Walk we found a place to enjoy a fresh lobster dinner.  Yum!



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Cape Cod, MA

After spending the night in the casino parking lot in Connecticut, we drove to our campsite at Gateway to Cape Cod in Rochester, MA where we spent the next two weeks. We drove right through Rhode Island and planned to come back later to explore the area for a day.

We were very blessed to have Jeff’s dad came to stay with us for about ten days. He was stationed in Cape Cod with the Air Force for about a year before and after he and Jeff’s mom were married.  It was so nice to have him show us where they had lived,  go to restaurants they had enjoyed so many years ago, and see the places they loved to explore when they would come back and visit.



We toured the Cape Cod Potato Chip factory.  They do not allow any photos to be taken inside, but it was really fun to see the process and try some of the different flavors of chips.


We visited the Plymouth Rock area.  Yes, it’s just a big rock with a fence around it that people are no longer allowed to touch because of the years of wear and people chipping off pieces of it, but it was still very awesome to see.


Another place we enjoyed visiting was the Highland Lighthouse, Cape Cod’s first lighthouse. It’s one of the few lighthouses in the country that allow visitors to go all the way to the top where the light is – as long as you don’t touch the light!   The spiral staircase was steep, but it was way better than the wooden ladder that was used back in the 1800’s when the lighthouse was built.








Our day-trip to Marthas’ Vineyard was fun. Although it started out rainy it ended up being super nice, and we enjoyed exploring the gingerbread house area.


Some of my favorite parts of this stay were the different views of the beaches.


When we got ready to pack up and leave, we noticed our first flat tire on the trailer. Thankfully we were not on side of the road somewhere.  We carry two spare tires with us so we went ahead and changed the rear tire on both sides so that we have two brand new tires on the trailer now.   It was an experience though to get the tire changed. We had to use the bottle jack that my dad gave us last summer (thanks Dad!!) and then once it was as high as it would go, we stacked up wood and used the truck jack to lift it even more.  It worked, but it was a little precarious.


Finally, we were on the road and heading north.  🙂


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Delaware and Connecticut

When we looked up things to do in Delaware, let’s be honest, there didn’t seem to be much. But we decided to take a day and go explore. I think it turned out to be one of our most fun days so far!   We drove along the coast and stopped to explore the Rehoboth Beach area where there were lots of cute shops and restaurants along the boardwalk area, but there were so many people on the beach!  Not the relaxing beaches we are used to for sure.  We ate an amazing seafood lunch at Claws and would recommend you try it if you’re ever in the area.


After lunch, we drove north to Dover where we did a scavenger hunt.  Through Groupon, we found a company called Puzzling Adventures.  They have mini scavenger hunts in cities all over the US for about $15 (after using the Groupon discount.)  It’s all on your phone. They give you the starting point location and then a clue. Once you enter the correct answer and post a photo of it, they give you directions to the next clue. It was super fun, and we’ll try to find them in other cities now that we’ve discovered them.  We walked around taking photos, reading historical markers, and answering questions based on the information around us for about an hour. It was a fun way to learn about the city of Dover, DE.
Here’s their site if you want to try one of the scavenger hunts in your area. But buy your tickets through Groupon for half-price. 🙂


The next morning we packed up and headed towards Cape Cod. We wanted to get around Philadelphia and New York City during the weekend while the traffic was lighter. After stopping to have lunch with a friend in New Jersey, we realized that to go across the George Washington Bridge while towing the trailer would cost us $108 so we headed farther north and crossed the Hudson River at Newburgh.

We made it into Connecticut and spent the night at the Mohegan Sun Casino RV parking lot. WOW!  They allow free RV parking overlooking the Thames River for up to 7 nights with 24-hour security and a free shuttle down to the casino. We were able to snag one of the last spots along the edge of the parking lot overlooking the river.

It seemed nice, safe, quiet, and had a nice view of the river. We then headed to the casino complex where there were 3 different casinos, several hotels, and lots of shops and restaurants. We ate dinner at Bobby Flay’s Burgers and just walked around people watching before heading back to the RV to sleep.


We woke up about 4:50am and realized the sun was coming up.  Why so early?!?  But it was so worth getting up to see!  This spot is now ranking up there as one of the best campsites ever!  And it was FREE!


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West Virginia, Virginia, and Maryland

It’s been a busy week!   We left Kentucky and drove to Beckley, WV where one of my best friends from college met us. When we realized we were going to be only about four hours away from her, she made plans to come take advantage of our guest room and hang out with us for the weekend.  The city of Beckley has a small campground right next door to the Expedition Coal Mine which we were able to tour.  It was very interesting, and I would recommend it if you’re ever in the area.


Although we hit some pretty dense patches of fog, the drive from West Virginia to Virginia was beautiful through the mountains.  We also got to stop and have lunch with some of Jeff’s friends from high-school, and he was able to drive their Slingshot, which he loved!


We are very thankful for our RV Garmin, but sometimes it gives us some very strange routing information. Here’s a picture of the dirt road that it wanted us to take into the campground in Colonial Beach, VA. What was super weird is that there was a nice fully-paved road one block over (we did take the paved route.)

We spent the next couple of days working and having lunch with some other full-time RV friends who we met at the RV Entrepreneur Summit back in February. We have been very blessed to meet up with so many friends and family along the way. We didn’t end up visiting any of the many historical sites in the area since we will be back here again at the end of August.

After 3 days in Virginia, we moved farther east to Martinak State Park in Maryland for a couple of days.   While I ran to the grocery store and stocked up, Jeff loved hanging out in the hammock.


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Arkansas & Kentucky

We left the beach and headed north toward Arkansas. We were able to stop along the way to have dinner with some new friends we met back in February at the RVE Summit who are in the process of transitioning to the full-time RV life. They just sold their house and bought a motorhome.  It’s so fun to talk with other people who “get it” and be able to answer questions, give them tips, and encourage each other.

In Arkansas, we spent Memorial Day weekend with some very dear friends that we’ve known since “before kids.”  It was such a peaceful and encouraging weekend.  Of course, we forgot to take any photos except these two of our campsite at the lake that was flooding.  Part of the campground was underwater, but our site was thankfully up pretty high on the hill.


After the holiday weekend, we drove to the Louisville, KY area where we stayed at the My Old Kentucky Home State Park in Bardstown. We enjoyed meeting up with more friends, touring Churchill Downs, and visiting a bourbon distillery/museum.



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Aaahhh, the BEACH… Crystal Beach, TX

The beach is my happy place. Jeff, on the other hand, would prefer the mountains.   But he likes having a happy wife so, here we are.

We split the cost of a beach house with my brother and had a huge family reunion in Crystal Beach with my parents, my brother and his family, our daughter and her husband, and our son with his girlfriend.

The beach there is hard-packed, and they allow you to drive and park on it for the cost of a $10 annual pass.  We parked the RV just on the water side of the dunes right by the beach house that we rented.  It was super handy to have a bathroom, a refrigerator, a place to store all the beach chairs, and an awning right there on the beach.

We enjoyed playing in the water, sitting on the deck overlooking the beach, sitting on the beach, watching movies, doing puzzles, lots of talking and eating great food, a day-trip into Galveston, but most of all just being together.

Enjoy some of the MANY photos we took.


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We’re back on the road… Nope!

We were planning to leave College Station on April 28th and spend two weeks at Lake Conroe just north of Houston. However, when we were packing up we noticed a large amount of water leaking from underneath the trailer.  We made an appointment at an RV repair location near Conroe that is part of our extended warranty network, and instead of spending the next two weeks at the lake, we’ve spent ten days staying WITH our daughter and son-in-law. They were very gracious in letting us stay with them so long.  We then got a hotel east of Houston in Winnie, TX because I had signed up to have a Color Street booth at the Larry’s Old Time Market Days.  Thankfully our extended warranty includes up to five nights of hotel and food expenses.  We have enjoyed the local flavor and had crawfish more than once. 🙂            

The problem with the trailer – a crack in the grey tank. And because it was covered by the warranty, they had to order one directly from the manufacturer in Indiana and have it shipped.  We have been very thankful for our extended warranty even if it did take them almost 2 weeks to fix it this time. Our cost was only $36.


Once we got the trailer back, we spent a couple of nights at Lake Conroe to check everything out and make sure it all worked properly before heading to the beach.


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March & April in College Station, TX

We’ve spent just over two months at the RV Haven park in College Station, TX.   Our daughter and her husband live about five minutes from here, and it has been really nice to be able to have dinner with them, go to church with them, have a free place to do laundry, and just spend time together.


We also had some friends from Kansas City come down, and we were able to enjoy a few days of vacation with them. I rode with them and spent a few days in Crystal Beach, and then we drove to San Antonio where Jeff and Brianna met us.  Such a fun time!!

Visiting the fire station.



Lately, we have been feeling like we’re living “normal suburban life” again and the itch to be back on the road is strong.

We’ve had several reasons for spending so much time here though. We had originally planned to only be here for a couple of weeks, but at the RVE Summit back in February, we attended a seminar about creating a domicile. While we have established Texas as our domicile, we realized that there were several things we should do to make it even stronger.   So we have spent the last month or so setting up new patient accounts and going to dentist appointments (FYI – crowns are horrible), doctors and dermatologist appointments, opening new bank accounts, and meeting with a lawyer to create a will and power of attorney.  Although many of the things this month have been routine, we have made time for fun. We played disc golf a few times, joined so many others in College Station and lined the streets for Mrs. Barbara Bush’s funeral processional and later visited the gravesite at the George Bush Library and Museum, and tried a few different Texas BBQ places.



I have had the chance to have a Color Street booth at several different events while here in the area also. It’s been so much fun and a great way to meet people and share about this new business.


We have also been working on a personal project and website that we hope to launch in the next few weeks –    It will be a place for travelers (RV or not) to post their itinerary for others to see.  If you see someone you know is going to be near you, reach out and set up a time to meet.  One of the things that many RVers miss while on the road is the sense of community and being able to meet up with their friends and family.  Many times we’ve found out later that we were in the same area as someone else we would have loved to have dinner with, but we didn’t know it until too late.  Hopefully, this website will help many others like us find and meet up with their friends along the way.


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The RV Entrepreneur Summit

Wow! What an amazing week we’ve had! We attended the second annual RV Entrepreneur Summit in Fredericksburg, TX.  Last summer when the early-bird tickets went on sale, we were quick to grab some.  We have enjoyed following Heath and Alyssa Padgett‘s blog and podcast since before we started our RV adventure. They have been so helpful and encouraging.  We knew we wanted to spend a week with others who have a similar life as we have.

For several days before the official Summit began people began arriving, hanging out, eating dinner together, sharing stories and ideas. Everyone in the campground wanted to meet each other.  It was such a great atmosphere!



Although it was rainy and muddy the first part of the week, the sessions were held inside the big tent or in the main lodge meeting rooms.  Every single workshop we attended was full of great information, helpful tips, and encouraging interaction with others.

We made lots of new friends and loved every bit of it.  I only remembered to take a photo with a few of them. So sad!

We met John & Dorothy Bridges of Bridges Across America and went into town for lunch with them one day during a break between sessions. They recently retired and are traveling in a 5th wheel pretty similar to ours. We talked about empty nest life, becoming debt free, losing children/siblings way too early, and how to do church on the road.

We also met Ken & April Pishna of Living a Stout Life. We met online before the conference when April shouted out on the FB Group that they were looking for a spot to stay. We had signed up super early and reserved one of the huge pull-through spots so had plenty of space to share our spot. It was super fun to help them learn some of the early RV tips since this was their first trip out in their rig.

On the last afternoon of the conference, a large group of us went on a hike up the solid granite “mountain” called Enchanted Rock.  It wasn’t super easy, but the views from the top were beautiful, and it was so much fun to go hiking with 100 of our new friends.      

(group photo by Joe Hendricks – the amazing photographer who took tons of pictures at the Summit.)

The final evening was full of singing around the campfire, making s’mores, enjoying a concert by the Status Crowes, and spending one last evening all together before people started heading all different directions the next morning.


We loved the town of Fredericksburg and hadn’t had much time to explore it, so we extended our reservation at the campground an extra day.  If you’re ever in this area, be sure you allow several days.  We didn’t get a chance to see much, and we hope to come back again!


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February – We are heading SOUTH

We left Kansas City and spent a couple of weeks at my parents’ house in Tulsa, OK.  I was able to meet up with several friends from high school that I hadn’t seen in years, Jeff was able to work and enjoy their high-speed internet service, and we rested from a busy couple of months.  I really need to remember to take photos more often!

We then spent a few days in the Dallas, TX area with my brother and his family helping to serve HOPE Coffee at the Linger Conference.   I’ve always wanted to help with one of his big events, and this one did not disappoint.  We served around 10,000 free cups of coffee to the attendees and were able to share the story behind HOPE Coffee.  Our feet were super tired, but our hearts were very full at the end of each day.



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