Arizona for 2 months

So thankful for both of our children and the spouses God has given them. 

After spending Christmas in Dallas with family and then a couple of weeks in Kansas City visiting lots of friends and celebrating our son’s wedding, we flew back to Las Vegas to get the trailer out of storage.  It was nice to be back in our own home and sleep in our own bed again after being gone for three weeks. 

After a couple of days in Vegas getting our fridge filled, laundry caught up, fresh water tank full and black/grey tanks empty, we headed to Lake Havasu, AZ for the Xscapers Annual Bash where we spent a week with 500+ other full-time RVers sharing lots of tips about this lifestyle, helping each other with various projects, and just hanging out together and getting to know each other over food and drinks.  

 The red circle is our rig at the Lake Havasu Fair Grounds.

After a week of LOTS of people, we needed some quiet time to work. So we headed south to the Quartzsite area and found a great place to boondock about 4 miles west of town.  It was beautiful, and there was no rain for the two weeks we were there.  We were able to go into town a couple of times to see the Big Tent Show and the quirky little town of Quartzsite as well as go on a couple of hikes in the area. 

While we were setting up at this beautiful site, the front landing gear of the trailer decide to lock up. It had been sounding weird for a little while, but it finally quit. We were able to get it off the truck and set up and then make an appointment in Phoenix to get it repaired two weeks later.  Thankfully our extended warranty covered a complete replacement, and it only took a couple of days.   We have definitely gotten our money out of this warranty!

Very thankful for the extra bottle jack that my dad gave us when we were visiting him last year. It’s come in handy a couple of times. 

Once the repairs were finished in Phoenix, we headed north to the Cottonwood / Sedona area for a couple of weeks and then over to Congress for a week.  Such a beautiful area to explore!

Sedona, AZ

It’s been a great couple of months in Arizona. We’ve met some wonderful people and had the chance to hang out with friends several times; but it’s been much colder than we expected, and we are ready to head to state #37 – California here we come!  

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