Maine – Part 2

Another one of our favorite parts of our visit to Maine was attending a local clambake.  This is something that has been on Jeff’s bucket list for a long time, and most of the places we have found have only been caterers for private parties.  We located one in Boothbay Harbor, ME and decided it was worth the drive (about 3 hours from our campsite in Bar Harbor) called Cabbage Island Clambake.   It was worth the drive!  We had a little bit of time to walk around near the pier and enjoy s1536ome cold brew coffee at the Red Cup Coffee House since we knew it would be a late night and also buy some saltwater taffy.


The ticket price included a boat ride out to their private island where they had been cooking the dinner in seaweed over a fire on the beach for several hours.  The meal included a cup of chowder, 2 lobsters, a dozen clams, a baked potato, corn on the cob, an onion, a hard-boiled egg, and blueberry cake.


The sun was setting as we rode the boat back to Boothbay Harbor.  Even though we didn’t get home unit almost 1:00am, it was well worth the time and money.

Portland area

Because our son Garrett was coming to visit us, we moved from Bay Harbor down to the Winslow Memorial Park in Freeport so that we would be near the Portland airport.  This is a very beautiful city park with beautiful views and no hookups. This was our chance to test out our ability to boondock for more than just overnight. We filled our water tanks before leaving Bar Harbor and were able to use our generator that is mounted in the front part of the truck bed for a couple hours each day to recharge all of our electronics.


We visited Eartha, the world’s largest rotating globe located at the Garmin building in Freeport, and we drove out to see the Portland Head Lighthouse at sunset. Wow!  One of the most beautiful sights we’ve seen in a long time.


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