Delaware and Connecticut

When we looked up things to do in Delaware, let’s be honest, there didn’t seem to be much. But we decided to take a day and go explore. I think it turned out to be one of our most fun days so far!   We drove along the coast and stopped to explore the Rehoboth Beach area where there were lots of cute shops and restaurants along the boardwalk area, but there were so many people on the beach!  Not the relaxing beaches we are used to for sure.  We ate an amazing seafood lunch at Claws and would recommend you try it if you’re ever in the area.


After lunch, we drove north to Dover where we did a scavenger hunt.  Through Groupon, we found a company called Puzzling Adventures.  They have mini scavenger hunts in cities all over the US for about $15 (after using the Groupon discount.)  It’s all on your phone. They give you the starting point location and then a clue. Once you enter the correct answer and post a photo of it, they give you directions to the next clue. It was super fun, and we’ll try to find them in other cities now that we’ve discovered them.  We walked around taking photos, reading historical markers, and answering questions based on the information around us for about an hour. It was a fun way to learn about the city of Dover, DE.
Here’s their site if you want to try one of the scavenger hunts in your area. But buy your tickets through Groupon for half-price. 🙂


The next morning we packed up and headed towards Cape Cod. We wanted to get around Philadelphia and New York City during the weekend while the traffic was lighter. After stopping to have lunch with a friend in New Jersey, we realized that to go across the George Washington Bridge while towing the trailer would cost us $108 so we headed farther north and crossed the Hudson River at Newburgh.

We made it into Connecticut and spent the night at the Mohegan Sun Casino RV parking lot. WOW!  They allow free RV parking overlooking the Thames River for up to 7 nights with 24-hour security and a free shuttle down to the casino. We were able to snag one of the last spots along the edge of the parking lot overlooking the river.

It seemed nice, safe, quiet, and had a nice view of the river. We then headed to the casino complex where there were 3 different casinos, several hotels, and lots of shops and restaurants. We ate dinner at Bobby Flay’s Burgers and just walked around people watching before heading back to the RV to sleep.


We woke up about 4:50am and realized the sun was coming up.  Why so early?!?  But it was so worth getting up to see!  This spot is now ranking up there as one of the best campsites ever!  And it was FREE!


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