Cape Cod, MA

After spending the night in the casino parking lot in Connecticut, we drove to our campsite at Gateway to Cape Cod in Rochester, MA where we spent the next two weeks. We drove right through Rhode Island and planned to come back later to explore the area for a day.

We were very blessed to have Jeff’s dad came to stay with us for about ten days. He was stationed in Cape Cod with the Air Force for about a year before and after he and Jeff’s mom were married.  It was so nice to have him show us where they had lived,  go to restaurants they had enjoyed so many years ago, and see the places they loved to explore when they would come back and visit.



We toured the Cape Cod Potato Chip factory.  They do not allow any photos to be taken inside, but it was really fun to see the process and try some of the different flavors of chips.


We visited the Plymouth Rock area.  Yes, it’s just a big rock with a fence around it that people are no longer allowed to touch because of the years of wear and people chipping off pieces of it, but it was still very awesome to see.


Another place we enjoyed visiting was the Highland Lighthouse, Cape Cod’s first lighthouse. It’s one of the few lighthouses in the country that allow visitors to go all the way to the top where the light is – as long as you don’t touch the light!   The spiral staircase was steep, but it was way better than the wooden ladder that was used back in the 1800’s when the lighthouse was built.








Our day-trip to Marthas’ Vineyard was fun. Although it started out rainy it ended up being super nice, and we enjoyed exploring the gingerbread house area.


Some of my favorite parts of this stay were the different views of the beaches.


When we got ready to pack up and leave, we noticed our first flat tire on the trailer. Thankfully we were not on side of the road somewhere.  We carry two spare tires with us so we went ahead and changed the rear tire on both sides so that we have two brand new tires on the trailer now.   It was an experience though to get the tire changed. We had to use the bottle jack that my dad gave us last summer (thanks Dad!!) and then once it was as high as it would go, we stacked up wood and used the truck jack to lift it even more.  It worked, but it was a little precarious.


Finally, we were on the road and heading north.  🙂


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