March & April in College Station, TX

We’ve spent just over two months at the RV Haven park in College Station, TX.   Our daughter and her husband live about five minutes from here, and it has been really nice to be able to have dinner with them, go to church with them, have a free place to do laundry, and just spend time together.


We also had some friends from Kansas City come down, and we were able to enjoy a few days of vacation with them. I rode with them and spent a few days in Crystal Beach, and then we drove to San Antonio where Jeff and Brianna met us.  Such a fun time!!

Visiting the fire station.



Lately, we have been feeling like we’re living “normal suburban life” again and the itch to be back on the road is strong.

We’ve had several reasons for spending so much time here though. We had originally planned to only be here for a couple of weeks, but at the RVE Summit back in February, we attended a seminar about creating a domicile. While we have established Texas as our domicile, we realized that there were several things we should do to make it even stronger.   So we have spent the last month or so setting up new patient accounts and going to dentist appointments (FYI – crowns are horrible), doctors and dermatologist appointments, opening new bank accounts, and meeting with a lawyer to create a will and power of attorney.  Although many of the things this month have been routine, we have made time for fun. We played disc golf a few times, joined so many others in College Station and lined the streets for Mrs. Barbara Bush’s funeral processional and later visited the gravesite at the George Bush Library and Museum, and tried a few different Texas BBQ places.



I have had the chance to have a Color Street booth at several different events while here in the area also. It’s been so much fun and a great way to meet people and share about this new business.


We have also been working on a personal project and website that we hope to launch in the next few weeks –    It will be a place for travelers (RV or not) to post their itinerary for others to see.  If you see someone you know is going to be near you, reach out and set up a time to meet.  One of the things that many RVers miss while on the road is the sense of community and being able to meet up with their friends and family.  Many times we’ve found out later that we were in the same area as someone else we would have loved to have dinner with, but we didn’t know it until too late.  Hopefully, this website will help many others like us find and meet up with their friends along the way.


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