December in Kansas City

We left Rochester on December 1st and spent 4 days driving to Kansas City boondocking along the way at truck stops and Cracker Barrel parking lots.


We enjoyed some of our favorite things while in KC – barbeque, ice cream, music concerts, SNOW (not a favorite), board games and lots of time with people we love.


Our son lives in KC, and our daughter and son-in-law came up from Texas so we were able to celebrate Christmas together as well as spend time with so many friends in the area. Yay!



While seeing friends and family have definitely been worth it, the COLD has been insane here.  We had our first “run out of propane = no heat night.”  Now we know that even though we have two propane tanks, we can’t allow the 2nd one to get below about half-full when it’s cold weather.   We had frozen pipes two of the nights that the temperatures dipped below zero degrees. Crazy cold!   We found a way to pipe warm air down into the area where the pipes are lying on the cold metal I-beam that runs from the front to the back of the trailer. No wonder the water was freezing!


We are looking forward to heading even farther south to hopefully not deal with frozen pipes anymore!

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