New Business Venture


During our stay in NY, I launched a new business.  I found something that I absolutely love, and something I can easily do while on the road.  I’m now a Color Street stylist.  Color Street is a new company that launched in June, and they sell 100% nail polish strips.   Most of my business comes from sales on my website, but I was able to do a few craft / vendor shows along with my sister-in-law who also signed up with Color Street.  It was so much fun to give away free samples so people could try out the polish and then watch their excitement when they realized how easy it was.



I took some space in the spare bedroom and set up an office area so that I wouldn’t be working from the couch and Jeff and I would have separate work areas and be able to focus better.


If you’d like more information about Color Street, contact me or check out my website:

To try a free sample, fill out my form HERE.


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