Four Months in One Place?


Yes, we just spent 4-1/2 months in one place, but it was SO WORTH IT.    When we arrived at Jeff’s parents’ house in New York last July, his mom had just recently been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.  Because of some other medical complications, chemo was not an option, and we knew time with her was limited. So we made the decision to be there with her until the end.

Other than our couple of short trips to visit friends nearby (see previous posts,) we stayed there in their driveway.  Jeff was still able to work full-time, I started my own new business (future post to come,) we helped out with grocery shopping and cooking, and we were able to spend every evening visiting, playing games, and spending time together.   She once commented to us that she felt like she had messed up our travel plans.  We assured her that our plans are “to be wherever we want to be, whenever we want to be there; and right there with her was what we wanted.”

She passed away in November and will be missed very much; but we are so thankful for God’s timing that allowed us to literally move there and not just fly up for long week-end visits.

Here are a few photos of our time there:

Day trip to go hiking at Watkins Glen State Park and visit some of the wineries around Seneca Lake.

IMG_3597    IMG_3612  IMG_3600        IMG_3618   IMG_3622


We also experienced our first snow while living in the RV.


When the kids came up for Mom’s funeral, we took another trip to the Corning Museum in her memory. It was a place she loved to take them whenever they would come visit.

While very grateful to have been here, winter is coming so we are heading south.

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