Where to dump the RV sewer?

In New York and most of the northeast part of the country, the camping season ends in October.  Most campgrounds are closed by Oct 15th, and for sure by the end of the month.  We had been driving to a nearby campground every couple of weeks to dump our sewer. But once November rolled around, we could no longer use their dump station. We began searching for other campgrounds in the area, but everything was closed.  The nearest Flying J Truckstop with a dump station was over an hour away.  One of Jeff’s friends from high school mentioned that the city allowed RVs to dump at the Sewer Treatment Plant.   Sure enough, and it was even cheaper than the campground where we had been going.

We had to go to the City Hall and purchase an RV Dump Pass that we took with us to the Sewer Treatment Plant.  We were able to go downtown one time and purchase three passes and have them on hand for future weeks.


So for any of our other RV friends who might need to find a place to dump the sewer, check out nearby city sewer treatment plants.

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