New Jersey and Lancaster, PA

After leaving NYC, we wanted to visit some friends who live in New Jersey. We called ahead and asked the manager at the Walmart if they allowed overnight parking, and they did.  So we parked in the parking lot there on Monday afternoon. While Jeff worked, I was able to do some grocery shopping at the Walmart and the Aldi that were both in the same parking lot. We met our friends for dinner at the Olive Garden right outside our door and had a great time. Seeing friends all over the country has truly been a blessing!      

The next morning, we drove to Lancaster, PA – more driving adventures!  Because we were trying to avoid the Jersey Turnpike, we ended up going right through Philadelphia.  Yes, I use three different devices / apps to navigate.  I hate it when all three of them disagree with each other.  It makes for a somewhat stressful day.  But we made it!


We stayed at the Circle M RV Park.  This is a campground that doesn’t assign spots so we were able to drive around until we found one we liked. We found one with a large shade tree hoping it would help since the forecast was 80+ degrees for the next week.  And it was HOT!



Once again, we were able to meet up with some friends from college who we hadn’t seen in over 10 years and spend several hours visiting and catching up. After eating at the breakfast buffet, we walked around at the Oregon Dairy and saw incredible pumpkins – not only some of the largest I’ve ever seen, but so many varieties!


As often as possible, we try to eat at local diners instead of chain restaurants and experience local flavors.  While in Lancaster, we got to try shoofly pie, Amish apple fritters, Lebenon balogna, birch beer, and some of the most delicious ice cream we’ve ever had at an Amish dairy farm.

The Green Dragon is a flea-market, farmer’s market, and vendor fair all rolled into one.  It’s only open on Fridays.  We spent a couple of hours there and had a blast.


On Saturday we took a horse and buggy tour of the Amish country and visited another dairy farm.  The entire area is so pretty, and the people were very nice.


We enjoyed our 10 day get-away, and now we’re heading back to Rochester, NY to spend more time with Jeff’s family.


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