We only had a few days in Michigan so I know we will definitely need to come back again. We stayed at the Van Buren State Park and got to watch the sun set on Lake Michigan.

Early on in this adventure we started following the Boyink’s blog – DitchingSuburbia.  It has been very helpful, and we felt like they were a couple who we could really connect with. When we realized that we were only an hour or so away from where they were this summer, we made plans to meet up in South Haven for lunch.  It was a great time of sharing life and encouraging each other – kids, homeschooling, empty nesting, traveling, 5th wheel vs. van life, doing / not doing church on the road, health, all kinds of stuff. Thanks for making the time to meet up with us!  Hopefully we’ll be in the same place again somewhere down the road.


We are now headed to New York to spend a couple of months with Jeff’s family.  We are very thankful for the way God has blessed us to be able to work and live this way so that we can visit friends and family. People and relationships are so important. Don’t waste the time you have with those you love!

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