Elkhart, Indiana

Elkhart, Indiana – the RV capital of the US.  There are over ten different RV manufacturers in the Elkhart area and lots of the companies in the area make various RV parts.  We wanted to tour the Keystone Cougar plant which is the type of fifth-wheel we currently own. We also wanted to see a couple of others to compare the quality of craftsmanship.   Because we unfortunately timed our week in Elkhart during “shut down week” when the manufacturers do inventory and repairs, we were only able to set up two other tours – Thor and Grand Design.

I forgot to take photos of the Thor and Grand Design plants, but all three of the companies seemed somewhat similar.  It was pretty cool to see the process even though no one was currently working on the assembly.


While in the area, we toured the RV Hall of Fame and Museum. It was fun to see so many different types of campers used over the years. We are very thankful for the modern conveniences that we have!




We spent Saturday morning at the Farmer’s Market in South Bend – so many beautiful vegetables, flowers, and MUSHROOMS! I’ve never seen so many different types in one place. Of course we had to buy several to try.  They were delicious!


We then spent the afternoon in downtown Elkhart. They have some really cool art currently displayed all around the county.  There was a “treasure hunt guide” at the botanical gardens, but we didn’t’ go get a copy.


Some friends of ours who we’ve known since before we got married in Albuquerque live about a hour away from Elkhart so we called them up to meet us for lunch. We ended up going to walk around The University of Notre Dame after we ate. What a beautiful campus!


Next we head north into Michigan for a few days to meet up with some new friends…

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