Arkansas Adventure

We had planned to spend a few days in the Memphis area once we left Nashville. But the Tom Sawyer RV Park where we had reservations called us and let us know that because of the flooding, they were evacuating, closing, and cancelling our reservation.  We were able to stop and spend a few hours in Memphis, but didn’t see too much. We ate some good barbeque, accidentally took a wrong exit and drove right through downtown (wow!) and toured the Mud Island River Park.



We then headed towards Mountain Home, AR where we planned to visit our good friends. Because of the flooding and lots of closed roads, we had to take a different route than we had originally planned. We spent the night in a truck stop in Searcy. The next morning we ate breakfast and headed out hoping to make it to Mt. Home around noon.  About 15 min into our drive we hit a deer!  Well, he hit us.  Thankfully, he hit the driver mirror / windshield area and only damaged the driver’s side of the truck. No damage to the wheel wells, engine, or even the trailer (other than the deer poo squirted all over it.)  After we pulled over and assessed the damage, we decided to reroute and head directly to Tulsa where we would have more options for getting it fixed and be able to park the trailer at Marcia’s parents’ house while the truck was in the shop.

A couple days later once the truck was in the shop, we rented a car and made the trip back over to Mt. Home to visit our friends and do some sight-seeing.  So glad we were still able to see some fun stuff in Arkansas even though it was rainy a good part of the time.



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