Pensacola, FL

We moved over to the Big Lagoon State Park on Sunday afternoon, but first we went to church at the Campus Church at Pensacola Christian College.  This is where we first met many, many years ago. 🙂  Much of the campus has remained the same, and yet there are several new buildings, and the older ones have been updated.  It was really neat to walk around the campus and reminisce.  It was weird though to think that most of the students we were seeing were the same ages as our own children.


The park was nice and had a walkway down to the bay. Our site was quiet and surrounded by trees, however there were ants everywhere! We got to experience the joys of waking up to hundreds of ants in the trailer (mostly in Garrett’s bedroom and bath) and spending the day getting rid of them. Borax and bug spray on the jacks and stabilizers works great.  We also know now to make sure to put Borax on the ground around the stabilizers when we park.



We were able to go out to the beach on the Gulf a couple of times. It’s been amazing to see the differences of all the beaches as we’ve moved around the Gulf of Mexico. The shells are different, the sand is different, and even the waves are different.


Now, on to Orlando for a week of vacation!

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