Holiday travels and a long stay in College Station, TX

We decided to park the RV and stay in College Station for two whole months for two reasons. First, we wanted to spend some time with our daughter and son-in-law who just got married this past summer. We also had several expected and unexpected trips that were easier without the RV.


Thanksgiving – We arrived in College Station a couple of days before Thanksgiving, and parked the RV. We then headed to the Dallas, TX area to spend the Thanksgiving weekend with my brother and his family. My parents also drove down from Tulsa.  It was a wonderful time with lots of great food, board games, puzzles, shopping, and laughter.

Christmas – We had a wonderful Christmas weekend with Brianna and Jacob. We saw lots a great Christmas lights, visited the George H. W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum, played lots of board games, attended the Christmas Eve service at their church, ate lots of great food, and loved spending time together.


New Year’s – We made a trip back to Kansas City to spend time with several friends. It was a fun and busy time, but we were glad to get to see so many. We were having so much fun seeing everyone that we forgot to take pictures! We are sorry that we didn’t have time to see everybody we wanted to.

Cruise – On Jan 7th we drove to Galveston and headed out on a week-long cruise with my parents, brother and his family, and our family.  In Cozumel, we walked around the downtown shopping and enjoying amazing food.  In Honduras, we visited a beach resort and several of our group went snorkeling while the rest of us enjoyed just sitting on beach chairs and watching people.  In Belize, we were able to visit the —  Mayan ruins.  What an amazing day!   On the morning we were scheduled to return to Galveston, we woke up to some extreme fog and a notice that we would have to spend the day in the Gulf of Mexico because the Port of Galveston was closed.  We were able to enjoy and extra couple of days of hanging out on the ship.

Business Trip – The day after we got home to College Station, Jeff and Garrett headed to St. Louis to work. I stayed behind and worked on various items- getting our address and new bank information changed on lots of accounts, getting tax stuff together, spending time hanging out with Brianna when she wasn’t working, and learning how to fix water leaks all by myself. 🙂

We are now officially “headed out” and have left College Station. I’ll be posting more often as we visit various places and friends along the way.


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  1. Cyndi says:

    So excited to travel the nation through your camera lense. Love and miss you.

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