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RV repairs in Alabama and Naval Aviation Museum

We were able to get an appointment at B&R Camper Repair in Theodore, AL to have the black tank valve replaced again. The repair done in Tulsa was not correct, and the valve was not sealing. Gross!!  We are fairly sure they did it correctly this time (at least it's not leaking yet.)  We also had the flush valve on Garrett's toilet replaced so it's not dripping on the floor anymore. We were going to have them fix the leak under the kitchen sink, but decided to just replace the faucet ourselves.  I love the new faucet. It's taller and easier to use.

We spent the night in a hotel while the trailer was in the shop and enjoyed the LONG hot showers, but we definitely missed our own beds.

Since our next reservation in Pensacola didn't start until Sunday, we had a couple of days to find a place to park somewhere in the area. I found a spot available at the Jellystone Yogi Bear Family Campground in Elberta, AL.  It was a quiet campground out away from all the touristy stuf…

New Orleans and Gulfport, MS area

After leaving Crystal Beach, TX we headed towards the Gulfport, MS area. We stayed at Pass Christian RV Park just south of Gulfport.  It was a simple, no-frills campground but we had solid Verizon data signal so the guys were able to get quite a bit of work done.  I spent time grocery shopping and several trips to the laundromat.  After staying so near, and ON, the beach last week, everything needed to be cleaned because of the humidity and sand.

Lots of amazing cajun food!

We took a day trip into New Orleans to see the French Quarter.  If you're ever there sign up for a walking tour with  The tour guides work on straight tips, and our guide Stacey was amazing. We learned about so much history of New Orleans in a very fun way.   We made sure to go when there were NO Mardi Gras parades to contend with  - way less traffic that way.  Driving our big truck (even without the trailer) is still a challenge when maneuvering the city streets.

We celebrated Jeff's …

Crystal Beach, TX

This past week was full of adventure. We spent the week in Crystal Beach, TX.  The guys were able to get quite a bit of work done even though we took a couple of afternoon walks on the beach.

On Friday we took the day and went to the NASA Houston Space Center. We had made reservations quite a while ago to take the Level 9 (behind the scenes) tour, and it was worth the money!   If you ever get a chance, I'd highly recommend this tour. It's different each time based on the tour guide you get and what the group is most interested in seeing.

Here are a few pics of the day:

Current day Mission Control and the historical Mission Control rooms.

The HUGE pool (Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory) that has an exact replica of the US arm of the International Space Station inside where the astronauts practice their space walks many times before performing them in space. Photos on the wall - the bottom photos are the "practice" in the pool, and the top is the actual space walk.  There were …

Holiday travels and a long stay in College Station, TX

We decided to park the RV and stay in College Station for two whole months for two reasons. First, we wanted to spend some time with our daughter and son-in-law who just got married this past summer. We also had several expected and unexpected trips that were easier without the RV.

Thanksgiving- We arrived in College Station a couple of days before Thanksgiving, and parked the RV. We then headed to the Dallas, TX area to spend the Thanksgiving weekend with my brother and his family. My parents also drove down from Tulsa.  It was a wonderful time with lots of great food, board games, puzzles, shopping, and laughter.

Christmas - We had a wonderful Christmas weekend with Brianna and Jacob. We saw lots a great Christmas lights, visited the George H. W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum, played lots of board games, attended the Christmas Eve service at their church, ate lots of great food, and loved spending time together.

New Year's- We made a trip back to Kansas City to spend time wi…