Let the Adventure Begin


Many of our friends and family think we are crazy (and we probably are.)  Others are jealous and excited to watch the adventure unfold.

Traveling has been an important part of our lives from the beginning of our marriage. We lived hundreds of miles from either of our families so even before we got married, we decided that travel would be a significant part of our budget and lives. Over the years, we have had some very exciting trips with our friends and family – Disney World in Orlando, San Antonio, ski trips in Colorado, lots of weekend trips to Chicago, New York City, New England, Seattle, Trinidad & Tobago, and more in addition to trips to visit our family in New York, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Texas.

This trip is a little different though. We began talking about this idea of visiting all 50 states a few months ago.  We don’t really NEED this big house anymore.  We built it in 2001 as a place to raise our children, and we’ve done that. Brianna is married and living in Texas now. Garrett is finished with high school and working full-time.  So we decided to sell the house. But then what?  Adventure, that’s what. We bought a 5th wheel trailer and truck and are going to see the USA.

We put the house on the marked in August, and we had three offers on the first day! We closed on the sale on September 28th, and moved into the trailer in the KC area until my job finished the first part of November.



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